Shared Rope

Dee Williams has been in the game longer than just about any of our models. She is one of the top bondage models on the scene today, and we are so proud to have her as one of ours. 


Sasha is so excited she can’t hardly speak, or perhaps that has something to do with the cloth gag taped into her gaping mouth. O.T. has her moving around, tied into different locations, being whipped and caned from tit to toe.

Whipped Blondie

London River has a way with the ladies, and Nadia White knows that. What Nadia is about to find out for herself, though, is that London’s way usually involves a whip, a taser, a cattle prod, and, if she is very very good, a few different kinds of vibrators to play with. All Nadia has to do is sit down and shut up, which is pretty easy when you’re tied down to your chair with rope.

Whipped Pussy

Violet Monroe is going to be the subject in a study of just how much abuse a pussy can take and still be able to cum when required to. O.T. is going to use a flogger, a whip, and a whole lot of rope to find out just that. Violet will receive lash after lash and then be vibrated to the point of numbness until we get the answers we are looking for.

Red Handed

When Ruby Red wakes up tied up on her floor after a case of breaking and entering gone horribly wrong, she thinks her suffering is over. But when a neighbor comes by to help her out and ends up succumbing to some of his darker desires, that’s when things really take a turn for her. Now she is going to be vibrated, finger fucked and choked until she squirts cum whether she likes it or not.

Folda Frau

Sierra Cirque might have been a talented acrobat with the gift she has for flexibility, but we’ve found a better use for her as our personal toy and punching bag. We are going to fold her up and flog her until she screams and then hang her out to dry before doing it some more.