Mia Torro has a special love affair with bondage. As each rope is wound around her body you can see the joy, excitement, and arousal play across her face. There’s no doubt that she’s wet even without getting a good long look at her naughty bits.


Gagging a beautiful woman is an artform. It transforms the face visually as well as rendering the gagged woman mute. Iona Grace has a large mouth and taking advantage of that is exciting.

Caged Bird

Gabriella Paltrova is stuck in a cage in a dark dungeon and all she wants to do is go see the birds. She wants to be outside, in the open air, listening to them chirp in the sun. She wants it so bad that she calls Jack Hammer over and begs for the chance. Jack isn’t buying it. He had almost forgotten about this pretty little toy of his, but now he is going to spend the day playing with her.

Fresh Meat

Tegan Mohr wants to pretend like she is too good to wait around for the likes of PD. She is about to learn how worthless he thinks she is. She is here because PD has been looking for some fresh meat and this pretty young thing fits the bill. It starts at his apartment, but it is the open space of his personal dungeon where she is going to find out what kind of torment he has in store for her.