Gagging a beautiful woman is an artform. It transforms the face visually as well as rendering the gagged woman mute. Iona Grace has a large mouth and taking advantage of that is exciting.


Sasha is so excited she can’t hardly speak, or perhaps that has something to do with the cloth gag taped into her gaping mouth. O.T. has her moving around, tied into different locations, being whipped and caned from tit to toe.

The Sitter

Nora Riley is your typical babysitter, young and naive without a care in the world. That’s why when she finds a job listing, she doesn’t do a background check before springing into action. When she gets there she is met with London River and O.T. and a thousand dollar offer. Of course before she gets that money she will have to get pretty familiar with a diaper, some rope, and an steel dildo, but it’s probably worth it. Right?