Bondage Therapy Part 2

Elise Graves craves the perfect BDSM experience. She needs to be taken beyond the edge of everything she has ever accomplished before. She needs to be put into a brutal inverted suspension, vibrated to an amazing orgasm, and punished with intense corporal punishment. This beautiful babe needs to be broken.

Penny Pax Gets Some Girl/Girl Time WIth Elise Graves

Nothing is ever easy for poor Penny Pax. She came to Elise Graves looking for a good time, and she knew that meant some BDSM, but she had no idea how intense things could get, even after playing with us a few times before. Elise is going to have this hot redhead in tears from the second she gets started. There is something about a little bit of girl/girl action that is so much hotter.

Tell Me What To Do

Colette Rouge and Elise Graves met at a party. Elise saw her playing in her lingerie and immediately knew that she had to have her. Colette saw Elise, too, and in an instant she felt drawn to her. It’s a match made in bondage heaven. Elise wants nothing more than to possess and inflict pain on Colette and Colette’s mind is so clouded with lust that she would submit to any command.

Tattoed Tramp

We grabbed tattooed tramp Henna Hex and brought her into a particularly nice corner of the dungeon to get started on making her scream. All of her ink tells us that she is no stranger to pain. The different places she has it tell us that she has no shame. That’s good. Now Elise Graves doesn’t need to worry about pushing her. Whatever suffering or humiliation she inflicts Henna is going to love.

Alisha Adams is Captured

Alisha Adams and Elise Graves are a horny, young couple in love. They are completely unable to contain their lust for each other. Alisha is there to model for a photo shoot, but Elise did say early on that this wouldn’t be a normal gig. Alisha thought that meant funny costumes or something. She was pleasantly surprised to find out it meant intense bondage and discipline….

Tickled Pink

Elise Graves told Kylie Liddell that if they hung out she would be tickled pink. Kylie thought she meant amused, but Elise has other ideas. It won’t be as simple as playing with Kylie’s pussy. Elise is going to get there, and she will give her incredible orgasms, but first she is going to test her. If she can suffer through being tied down and tormented she will earn the sweet release she craves.


What does Ravaged mean to Elise Graves? It means hard bondage, intense discipline and incredible orgasms. It means pain, humiliation and ecstasy. What does ravaged look like? It looks like thick, red welts across her thighs and ass from the caning; like thin stripes across her back from the whip. And how does ravaged feel for Elise? That is the easiest one. To her it feels like a dream come true…

Glass Injection

Whatever it takes to get Wenona off, Elise Graves is going to make sure it gets done. But it is definitely going to have its price. One of the things Elise loves most is humiliating the people in her power. In this case there is a giant syringe that is her weapon of choice. It won’t be much use for breaking the skin but it is great for getting fluids into otherwise tight holes like Wenona’s ass…

A Piece of Pi

Alani Pi has a fresh face and a beautiful body. Pure, tender, unspoiled. A perfect specimen for Elise Graves’ sadistic desires. Every position presents its unique challenges. Alani has to stay as still as possible while her tits are stretched beyond what any normal person would dare attempt. Once she is on the floor the game becomes about how long her burning, fatigued muscles can hold on.

Siren and Elise Play

Elise Graves has a little bit of spare time for Siren Wolf and we thought it would be hot to show you the sexy things that happened. Siren is tied up in a seat with her arms behind her back for a reason. It will keep her legs open and her hands out of the way. Elise plans on violating her and she doesn’t want any resistance. If she does fight back, Siren can expect to feel Elise’s displeasure.