Elise Tied Up High

Elise Graves wanted a man to put her up on a pedestal. When she imagined it at night this is not exactly what she had in mind, though

314 Is Easy Pussy

Niki Nymph Loves Rope

Tight bondage turns Niki Nymph on.

Charlotte Gets Half-Buried Alive

Cyd Black has his own ideas about what makes for a good time. Charlotte wants to cum but Cyd only cares about what she will do for the honor. He buries her in the dirt first, to remind her where she belongs

Sophie Ryan, Farm Slut

Master A has a ton of toys available to him but today he has decided to give Sophie Ryan the most authentic farm experience he can. He has a bit of his latest harvest left over that he was just going to toss aside, but instead he decides to just stick it in the trash. Without a bin, this little slut will have to do.

Niki Nymph Looking Pretty

PD has Niki Nymph dressed up and looking pretty, but it is will not last. His interest in her is too carnal to let her keep up the facade

Dia Zerva Gets Surprised

Dia Zerva thought she was going to a modeling gig. Seeing Sister Dee tied up and gagged should have let her know this was going to be rough. The two of them are going to share everything for as long as they belong to PD

Marina Becoming Bondage Art

Master A has an excellent idea for a piece of modern art. It involves Marina, tied up in wicked positions, with all sorts awful accessories. At first she just has to lean back and suffer through some uncomfortable rope, but for his next piece the accessories of choice are used to pinch her nipples and labia

A Mindfucks Rain Degrey

Master A normally prefers corporal punishment, but today he is feeling especially sadistic, so he will play mind games with Rain Degrey.

Sarah Jane Attempts Escape

PD must really like Sarah Jane Ceylon.